• November 27, 2021

Florida Man Breaks Into Car Dealership After Trying To Buy BMW With Food Stamps

A Florida man is stoking confusion after he tried to buy a $60,000 BMW with his credit card and EBT card – and apparently wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Authorities say the perplexed managers at an auto dealership in Pompano Beach “declined 36-year-old Nicholas Jackson’s business” when he offered to pay with food stamps.

But it didn’t just stop at that. Jackson “appeared determined to have that BMW one way or another,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.


The next day, the man allegedly broke into the dealership and stole the car, along with keys to as many as 60 other vehicles.

But he didn’t get very far. Detectives who tracked down the car later found Jackson stalled at an intersection, when he ran out of gas and apparently didn’t have money to refuel.


H/T: Fox 29

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