• December 11, 2023

Forget Terrorism, the Navy’s Political Correctness is More Important

Forget Terrorism, the Navy's Political Correctness is More Important
Forget Terrorism, the Navy’s Political Correctness is More Important

While the world is focused on the terrorist attacks in France, Germany, and in other parts of the world, including the continuous slaughter of Christians and non-Muslims by ISIS, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus was busy putting another politically correct stamp on the military by siding with the LGBT organization.

News outlets are reporting that Mabus is planning to name a new ship in honor of the late gay icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk. Although he served briefly in the U.S. Navy, he did nothing that merits the kind of tribute Mabus is giving to Milk.

As FRC’s Peter Sprigg pointed out in 2009, when Milk was awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama, “Milk is famous only for winning one election, being murdered — and having sex with men.” Now, the Navy seems intent on following in the Obama administration’s ridiculous footsteps and bestowing a great honor on someone primarily on the basis of his sex life. While the LGBT community has long idolized Milk for his decision to live openly, his Navy career is hardly the stuff of legend. In fact, one of the defining biographies on the man (written by a self-described “gay journalist”) insists that Harvey “continued to engage in homosexual conduct while serving in the U.S. Navy” against the law. According to Peter, author Randy Shilts reports that Milk, who had his own apartment off base, would pick up hitchhiking sailors by offering them a bed to sleep in. What he didn’t tell them is that it was his bed. “The guests often would not know that Milk’s apartment had only one bed until they walked in the door.”

“Milk later exploited his time in the Navy during his political career,” Peter explains, “by lying about it, claiming falsely that he had received a dishonorable discharge for his homosexuality. Milk ‘knew the story would make good copy,’ according to Shilts. ‘Maybe people will read it, feel sorry for me and then vote for me,’ Milk told one campaign manager.”

Even homosexuals were divided about Milk during his lifetime. According to Shilts, “Lesbian leaders had long ago spread the word that Harvey was anti-woman, partially for his close alliances with drag queens, and few ever backed Harvey.”

It’s not the first time the US Navy has bestowed an honor of naming a Navy ship after someone who has done little, other than advance their liberal agenda such as U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) who has advanced the liberal agenda and contributes to the racial divide.

In another, the Navy named a ship after Cesar Chavez, who in 1946 he joined the United States Navy and served for two years but later, Chavez described his experience in the military as “the two worst years of my life”.

The procedures and practices involved in Navy ship naming are the products of evolution and tradition than of legislation. The Secretary of the Navy personally decides the names for new ships. Ship name recommendations are conditioned by such factors as the name categories for ship types now being built, as approved by the Secretary of the Navy.

The distribution of geographic names of ships of the Fleet; names borne by previous ships which distinguished themselves in service; names recommended by individuals and groups; and names of naval leaders, national figures, and deceased members of the Navy and Marine Corps who have been honored for heroism in war or for extraordinary achievement in peace.

As Allen West pointed out in April 2016 of the naming of Navy ships after liberals under the Obama administration, “Well, one thing is for certain, when it comes to naming a naval vessel after President Obama, perhaps we should break from tradition. Normally aircraft carriers are named after former presidents. Since we’re decimating the surface warship capability of our Navy, maybe the USS Barack H. Obama will be a tug boat or a buoy tender — then again, the latter are in the U.S. Coast Guard. But, if Obama has his way, that may be all our U.S. Navy will be capable of doing — tending buoys.”

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