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Former Black Panther: “Liberalism is Slavery”



Clarence Mason Weaver once hated whites so much that he broke up with his girlfriend when he found out that she owned a white dog.

The ex Black Panther served in the Navy in Vietnam as a pipe fitter.  In 1971 a white supremacist tried to kill him.  Then one day he suddenly realized that he loved his country.  It was as simple as that and he turned his life around.  Amazingly, this happened to him while he was running around with radicals.  He decided he wanted a chance to succeed in America, and so he became a conservative and set to work changing from the only life he had ever known to one that was more fulfilling and more rewarding both mentally and fiscally.

His views on #BlackLivesMatter is that the members believe that whites are a superior race.  They demand that whites give them concessions out of guilt.

Then he asks whites, “What happened to you white folks? Where are the Vikings? You guys are cowards!”  

Weaver then goes into a tirade, “Barack Obama hates America.”  

He said:

“His job is to divide by differences and manage our differences.  He has done nothing but drive us apart. [He] hates America.” Weaver then adds, “It doesn’t matter what color the pimp, the drug dealer, the con artist is.”

Weaver credits God for showing him that his hatred was like a ton and a half of steel, weighing him down.

“What would happen in black America if we forgave, real or imagined, the wrongs that we have?  As a Swahili-speaking, black history-studying, militant, Black Panther-hanging out man. As a black man, wearing my dashiki and my black beret.  What would happen is healing, progress and success with family reunification.”

Weaver also states that since he has become a conservative, he has been called names and has suffered prejudice from his own people.  He explains that it’s because the liberals who run today’s plantations see him as a runaway slave:

“Liberalism,, destroys people, like a drug dealer, a pimp who manages you and wants to keep you down. Liberalism is slavery, always has been and always will be.”

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