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Former Rock Groupie Had Relations With Bill, Complete With Lie Detector Results



A Former rock groupie known as Sweet Sweet Connie and who was a favorite of the Eagles, The Who and Led Zeppelin, has been telling news stations about an encounter she had with Bill Clinton in 1984 near a hotel pool.  Connie Hamzy, of Little Rock, Arkansas was sunbathing at the pool area, when she was approached by Bill Clinton, who told her seeing her in her bikini made his day.  They ended up in the laundry room, where they fondeled each other until they were interrupted before they could go any further.

Hamzy has been trying to tell her story but of course the liberal press has tried to bury her story of how Bill Clinton tried to get her to B*#w him.  She did an interview with the American Spectator in 1996, who insisted she take a lie detector she took and passed with flying colors.

Hazmy claims she was was sunbathing beside a hotel pool on August 31, 1984, when she claims Clinton spotted her.Hazmy (pictured in 1985) says they went into a laundry room together and fondled each other until they were interrupted and stopped in their tracks

Since 1992, Hamzy has sworn of the close encounter with Clinton, but her allegations fell on deaf ears as she claims, 'no one would listen'. She even passed a polygraph test, which she took for an interview with American Spectator in 1996

Now, Hamzy has gone straight to Donald Trump's political campaign with the results from the polygraph test

Hamzy has urged Trump's campaign to use her story and polygraph test to defeat Hillary at the November 8 election

From The Mail Online:

‘I mailed my polygraph test over to the Trump campaign about Bill Clinton trying to get me to b**w him,’ Hamzy told, not holding back.

‘I don’t know if the campaign has got it yet, because I mailed the letter on Columbus Day.

‘But I got a note about a donation for the Republican party, so I wrote back to them and said I can’t spare any money, so instead I gave them a copy of the polygraph test I took that proves my story is true.

‘I’ve been showing it to friends for years. I really hope the Republicans will use it to try and defeat Hillary.’

Hamzy, who still lives in Little Rock in a small condo with her four cats, recalled two brief encounters before Clinton propositioned her for sex in 1984.

Hamzy (pictured in 1973) is a former rock music groupie nicknamed 'Sweet Sweet Connie', and a favorite of rock icons like the Eagles, The Who and Led Zeppelin

Hazmy partied with the most well-known of rockers over the years, including The Eagles' Joe Walsh (pictured with Hazmy in 1988)

With Joe Walsh of the Eagles

Hazmy, pictured with Ringo Starr in 1989, claims to have given oral sex to various members of bands that passed through Little Rock

With Ringo Starr of some 1960s band whose name escapes me.

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