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Former Teacher Shelley Dufresne Seduced Football Player…They Have Sex 40 Times

Shelley Dufesne was convicted of seducing a 16 year old football player and having sex with him 40 times either in her Honda Pilot or at her home when her husband and kids weren’t there.  One thing that had been widely reported is that the football player had a threesome with Dufresne and another teacher Rachel Respess but that turned out not to be true.  They were going to but the boy was unable to get an erection.  Respess passed out from drinking and the boy taped her on his phone.

The married mother-of-three was the boy’s 11th grade English teacher at Destrehan High School. 

She is charged with two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. If convicted she could face 10 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Plus, she would have to register as a sex offender in Jefferson Parish. 

The trial Tuesday revealed the two had sexual trysts after football practice around 40 times in her Honda Pilot and home. The legal age of consent in Louisiana is 17. 

One encounter allegedly included Rachel Respess, 26, another teacher. The victim, now 19, took the stand today.

On September 19, 2014 Dufresne was out for drinks at a bar with colleagues after a football game. 

The student and the teacher allegedly had sex multiple times at the apartment and at one point, Respess joined in for a threesome.

However, Dufrense’s attorney said there was no sex because the teen ‘couldn’t get an erection.’ However, the teen maintained the three still had sex. 

After alleged the group sex, Dufrense reportedly went to buy a pill to increase the teen’s stamina when she went to buy cigarettes but he didn’t take it. 

The teen filmed a lewd video of Respess after she passed out from drinking. The New Orleans Advocate reports the footage showed the student put his ‘private parts in her face.’ 


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