• June 26, 2022

Fox Staffers to Megyn Kelly…Get the Hell Out


Megyn Kelly is looking around to see what jobs are available to her and staffers at Fox News wishes her all the luck in the world.  She is by no means a favorite there and her failures as host on Fox is underscored by the fact that she loses 1 million viewers from the O’Reilly Factor.  Kelly tried to make her name as a NeverTrumpest and that too failed her.  Rachel madcow has been able to clean her clock with the most desired demographics several times which doesn’t happen to any other Fox host.

Staffers complain about Kelly:

“Everybody in the building is sick of it. We absolutely can’t stand it anymore,” the source said.

“This ‘all me, all the time’ tour, ‘I’m the victim,’ ‘I’m going to be poisoned,’ is getting really old.”

“Go. We don’t care. Leave. You want to be friends with Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon? Go to CNN. Have fun.”

The rumor is that Fox has offered 20 million a year to resign with them but that was before she criticized Fox news and also before Tucker Carlson took the station by storm.  That and the fact no one is willing to match her current 15 million dollar salary throws doubt into the mix as to whether that offer is still open.

Her failure is not limited to her TV show.  She was paid 6 million dollars as an advance on a book.  Although the book started at number one on the NYT best seller’s list, it quickly dropped to fourth and the sales of only 150,000 copies the first three weeks can only be described as disappointing, especially for Rupert Murdoch who published the book through company Harper-Collins.

Ironically, he book is titled “Settling for More” but in the contract negotiations, she will have to settle for less.


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