• May 27, 2024

French Priests Final Words, “Go Away Satan”

A church of God was invaded by two young muslims who commenced to kill an elderly priest. Yes another gun free zone was attacked, sound familiar? But the horror of it all a man of God, at his parish, only to pray with his patrons for peace and love, and was cut down by 19 year old barbarians .

“Evil is a mystery. It reaches heights of horror that take us out of the human,” Archbishop Dominique Lebrun said Tuesday during the two-hour Mass.

I tend to disagree with the Archbishop, terrorism is not a mystery, it is murder, pure and simple by a brain washed uneducated sect, hell bent on conquering the world. It is simple as that,  and when the leaders of the so called free world come to understand this, then something will be done.


According to The Blaze:


Hamel’s grisly murder came less than two weeks after 84 people were killed in an attack in Nice, France, by a man who drove a truck into a crowd of Bastille Day revelers. The events sent shockwaves throughout a country rattled by a series of violent attacks carried out by Islamic extremists.

These attacks will continue, you can count on it, until, and only until the people rise and take their countries back from liberal elites who think they have all the answers. What do you think?

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