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WOW! President Trump Went Live And Let Them ALL HAVE IT!

There has been so much chatter in Trump supporter groups that has even turned into full-out debates over did President Trump concede or not.

So many people have stated that since he didn’t concede that Trump still has a shot at contesting the election results. While others say he did concede the loss and does not have a say at this point anymore, but is that truly the case?

On David Brody’s show, Trump set the record straight confirming that he did not concede or say he lost to Joe Biden.

He’s not conceding, he never conceded, and it sure sounds to me like he thinks he may soon be declared the winner!

After making that point abundantly crystal clear, Trump then went on to answer Brody’s question concerning the audits in GA and AZ and elsewhere that show obvious fraud.

Seriously, that is a great question if you ask me.

In all honesty, the entire interview was full of great questions and the mainstream media should take notes on how a real journalist asks questions.

Watch his answers for yourself, I’ve got it here for you on Rumble:

Here is a backup from YouTube, you’ll want to jump about halfway in to see the interview:

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