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George Soros Is Shaking In His Boots…Warns The Pandemic Is Destroying Globalism

Liberal billionaire George Soros has warned that the global coronavirus pandemic is destroying globalism and insists that he is “particularly concerned about the survival of the EU.”Infamous globalist Soros believes that the COVID-19 crisis will most likely spell the end for the European Union.Soros issued the warning during a Monday interview with British newspaper The Independent.”I am particularly concerned about the survival of the EU because it is an incomplete union,” Soros revealed.


“It was in the process of being created. But the process was never completed and that makes Europe exceptionally vulnerable — more vulnerable than the US not just because it is an incomplete union but also because it is based on the rule of law.””The wheels of justice move very slowly, while threats such as the Covid-19 virus move very fast.”

The paper also asked Soros about his thoughts on the German constitutional court’s ruling last week.

The ruling found that the European Central Bank’s (ECB) purchase of German government bonds is unconstitutional.The move presents issues for the ECB’s effort to make loans available for EU member countries that have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic such as Italy and Spain.”The ruling poses a threat that could destroy the European Union as an institution based on the rule of law, precisely because it was delivered by the German constitutional court, which is the most highly respected institution in Germany,” Soros responded. “Before it delivered its verdict, it had consulted with the European Court of Justice and then decided to challenge it.”So you now have a conflict between the German Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice. Which court has precedence?”

Soros argues that, if the German court can overrule judgments by the European Court of Justice, it opens the door to allow all member states the power to decide whether they want to follow European law in specific situations or abide by their own laws instead.”That question goes to the very heart of the EU, which is built on the rule of law,” Soros explains.”Poland has immediately risen to the occasion and asserted the supremacy of its government-controlled courts over European law.”In Hungary, Viktor Orban has already used the COVID-19 emergency and a captured parliament to appoint himself dictator,” Soros falsely claimed.


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