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German mayor beat Unconscious for Wanting to Bring in Refugees


Joachim Kebschull, the 61-year-old mayor of Oersdorf near Hamburg wants to bring in refugees to this small German town of 900 people.  But the people who would be vulnerable to the rapists and terrorists do not share his enthusiasm.  During a recent town meeting, Kebschull went to his car to retrieve a laptop computer, when he was hit from behind by a club or a piece of lumber making him unconscious.

He had been receiving threats for his stance.  He received another threat after the attack that said, “Whoever is still unwilling to listen now, will certainly feel better.”

From Breitbart News:

Police spokesman Oliver Pohl explained that he had also been sent numerous threatening letters since July, long before the attack.

 The planned migrant house has caused serious tensions in the town before, leading to meetings about the issue to be closed due to bomb threats.

In response, the local voter’s association issued a statement last month, arguing that the village was the perfect place to house migrants.

The local voter’s association put out some comments:

“Oersdorf is being talked about, and not in a good sense… There is a great effort to intimidate, seemingly because the committee wants to make a decision about housing for asylum seekers.” .

“If we could offer a new home in our village for a refugee family, we would gladly seize the opportunity, and in doing so could as a community provide people who had to flee their homeland with new prospects.

“And where would be a better place than in the heart of our village where people live so well with one another?”

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