• October 6, 2022

Goldman Sacks Employee Over Purchase of Trump Hats


Goldman Sachs, who have spent a fortune on Clinton speeches and the Clinton Foundation have fired an employee, whose political beliefs are different than theirs.  Actually, it’s probably not political.  After all, Goldman Sachs has invested a lot of money into Hillary because she is an honest politician.  Once you buy her, she stays bought.  A Trump supporter could jeopardize their investment and cost them control of the United States government.

The employee, Luke Thorburn, had purchased just over 500 dollars worth of Trump hats.  He had previously asked for and gotten permission to sell hats as a side business.  He also sells hats that say, “Make Christianity Great Again.”  When the New York Times reported the purchase as a political contribution, Goldman decided to suspend Thorburn and on April 1st of this year, fired him.  Employees donating to Hillary and to opponents of trump suffered no backlash.

Thorburn is now suing the banking giant for discrimination and violating his First Amendment rights.

From The Daily Caller:

Thorburn has hired Tony Buzbee of the Houston-based Buzbee Law Firm to handle his discrimination case, the former banker told TheDC. Buzbee led the legal team that helped clear former Texas Gov. Rick Perry earlier this year of public corruption indictments handed down by a county grand jury in 2014.

Buzbee alleges that Goldman Sachs trampled Thorburn’s First Amendment and religious rights by firing him over the Trump merchandise.

Thorburn was working for Goldman Sachs’ investment management division — which managed investments for the firm’s executives — when The New York Times reported in late February that he purchased $534 worth of “Make America Great Again” hats from the Trump campaign.

The Buzbee Law Firm put out a statement, which includes these excerpts:

The purchase of the hats, considered to be a political donation, was approved by Goldman management, but once the New York Times reported that Thorburn was the only Goldman Sachs employee of roughly 35,000 to have made a donation to Trump, Goldman’s management put Thorburn on leave.

“Goldman Sachs’s decision to terminate Mr. Thorburn because of his donations to and support of Mr. Trump stands in stark contrast to the amounts donated to other candidates by Goldman Sachs employees; Mr. Thorburn’s donation is less than one percent of the amounts donated to Secretary Clinton and Sen. Rubio,”

“As a result of this firing, Mr. Thorburn has retained counsel, and intends to sue.”
Ironically, Thorburn is a citizen of Australia and therefore could not have made a contribution to the Trump campaign and cannot vote for him in primaries or the general election.


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