• May 17, 2022

Google Posts Unintended But Truthful Image for Pathological Lying


Google has a computerized method for selecting images to go along with search for phrases that best illustrate the phrase’s meaning.  Some of those illustrations define the phrases better than others and that’s the case with pathological lying.  But Google being who they are rapidly changed it within an hour of it’s first appearance.


From The Washington Times:

The picture appears as the illustration for what Google calls a special “featured snippet block” at the top of the page. The snippet quotes from, and includes a link to, the Wikipedia article for “pathological lying.”

Part of what makes the result odd is that while Mrs. Clinton has been accused of dishonesty and dissembling for the entire quarter-century since she became a national political figure as first lady, the Wikipedia article itself doesn’t mention her or any specific cases of dishonesty by her.

However, the Talk page at the Wikipedia article on the subject suggested the solution lay there.

One unnamed editor stated flatly that “Pathological lying = Hillary Clinton” a comment that was later deleted, as was an illustrative photo of Mrs. Clinton that the page reportedly contained at one point Sunday night.

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