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GOP Candidate For Mo Governor a Fake With Connections to Clintons and Soros


Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens is a fake and a fraud.  He advertises himself as a hero Navy Seal.  The other Navy Seals don’t quite see it that way.  The truth is he never once served in a Seals platoon.  The average Seal serves in two.  The average Seal serves six years.  Greitens served only two.

The NRA is not so fond of Greitens either.  They have endorsed the democrat in that race.  Eric Greitens is a democrat who switched parties but not allegiances.  He is a globalist with strong ties to Goldman Sachs, the Clintons and George Soros.  He has not held a job since leaving the military in 2007 and lives entirely on his salary he pays himself from a non profit.

From Got News:

Goldman Sachs gave $6 million to Eric Greitens’ non-profit.

Wounded Warrior Project was embroiled in a scandal earlier this year when its top 2 executives were fired for wasting money meant for struggling veterans on luxury hotels, travel, and parties. WWP spends barely half of its budget on veterans — the rest goes to “administration” and so on. You know what that means.

You could say Goldman Sachs and Wounded Warriors Project both have a tradition of screwing over honest Americans. So why are they both dumping millions into Eric Greiten’s non-profit?

What does that say about Greitens and his non-profit?

In 2010, Michelle Obama promoted Greitens non-profit, The Mission Continues, at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative.  Greitens stayed connected the the CGI in 2011 and 2012.



Hollywood ties from Got News:

One donor to TMC was the Wasserman Foundation, run by Hollywood insider Casey Wasserman, an entertainment mogul who hobnobs with Bill Clinton and calls him his “mentor.”



How about Eric Greiten’s connection to snarky arch-liberal globalist Jon Stewart of the Daily Show? Greitens appeared on the show in 2015 and was very friendly with Stewart.

Or how about the TMC parternship with another Hollywood insider and arch-liberal globalist: J. J. Abrams. How often do big Hollywood productions partner with conservative veterans’ non-profits?

J.J. Abrams, the Star Trek and Star Wars director, is notorious for his hard-line “diversity” policy at his production company.

The J.J. Abrams-Eric Greitens connection dates back to at least 2012, when TMC held an event in Los Angeles that was described with the tagline “Producer J.J. Abrams, Entertainment Industry Executives, And Celebrities Celebrate Veterans Day With Service at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

Last but not least

File:George Soros 47th Munich Security Conference 2011 crop.jpg

Guess who is an adviser to a George Soros funded group?  That’s right, it’s Eric Greitens.

More from Got News:

And guess which Missouri gubernatorial candidate is tied deeply to George Soros?

That’s right: Eric Robert Greitens.

Eric Greitens is an advisory board member at the Robin Hood Foundation, which has received more than $60 million from George Soros over the last 20 years:

From the official Robin Hood Foundation website

From the official Robin Hood Foundation website

The Robin Hood foundation also awarded more than $800,000 to radical left-wing group ACORN in the early 2000s.

Globalist George Soros’ multi-million dollar grants to the foundation are documented here, here, and here. He has given over $60 million in total since 1997.

Last year, Eric Greitens’ campaign got a $100,000 donation from Steven A. Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager from New York who was investigated by the FBI for fraud.

Steven A. Cohen also sits on the board of the George Soros’ favorite Robin Hood Foundation.

Greiten’s election rivals called foul on the donation but the Greitens campaign “elected not to comment on the story.”

Cohen’s donation makes us wonder: what kind of dark money has Eric Greitens been getting from George Soros and other globalists?

Guess who else sits on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation: Hollywood insider Casey Wasserman, who sponsored Greitens’ non-profit The Mission Continues (see above).

Is this the man you want as governor of Missouri?


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