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Governor Malloy of Connecticut to Sign Gun Confiscation Law

HARTFORD, CT - APRIL 4:  Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy speaks during the gun control law signing event at the Connecticut Capitol pril 4, 2013 in Hartford, Connecticut, After more than 13 hours of debate, the Connecticut General Assembly approved the gun-control bill early April 4, that proponents see as the toughest-in-the-nation response to the Demember 14, 2012 Newtown school shootings. (Photo by Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images)

The governor of Connecticut is about to sign a bill that will mandate gun confiscation immediately upon someone being accused of domestic violence.  Not convicted, just accused.  The bill has already passed in both houses of the legislature and the bill is now in the hands of the governor, who says he will sign it.  Gun owners would have just 24 hours to turn in all of their guns after an accusation has been made.  The problem I have with it is that women who lie about rape or domestic abuse face no penalties when they are caught, which creates the atmosphere that can encourage women to lie because there is no penalty if they are caught lying.

From The Connecticut Post :

The goal is to protect women from the increased lethality at a critical point in a relationship: when they are trying to leave their abusers. About 14 domestic homicides occur annually in Connecticut, half of which are caused by guns.

While 5,000 temporary restraining orders are issued annually, about half result in permanent orders. The bill, which was approved last week in the House, would require court hearings within seven days and if judges decide against extending the orders, weapons would be returned within five days later. Currently, court hearings are held 14 days later.

Here’s where that statement shows the problems involved in the new law.  Even though there would be a court hearing within 7 days, the judge can grant the permanent order without hard evidence and since most state judges are liberals, they would see this as an opportunity to grab guns and that would outweigh the facts in the case.  I also question the return of weapons in 5 days, because we have seen time and time again has not happened as promised and when the guns are returned, many of them have been vandalized.

Make no mistake, this is not about domestic abuse, it’s about confiscating guns.

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