Great Reset: Ushering in global fascism

There is a tsunami of authoritarianism coming. In fact, depending on the final results of the presidential election, we conservatives may get swept up in its undertow sooner than we think. There appears to me to be an odd aggregation of ideologies merging into one on the horizon – and none of the parts, or the whole they create, is good. Merely describing it as bad does a disservice to the word bad. Maybe catastrophic is even too mild.

If things progress the way the woke and radical world leftists envision, we may be looking at combining Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, communism and fascism.

More and more we’re hearing terms like, Build Back Better, stakeholder capitalism, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Social Credit System.

Think of ESG as the corporate version of an individual’s Social Credit Score. It will also employ Green New Deal and Social Justice ideals.

By sheer coincidence, leftists, seemingly worldwide, have begun using the phrase, Build Back Better. This refers to a world they envision post Great Reset.


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