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Grocery Store Clerk Takes Screaming Baby Away From Mother

Every parent has been there.  Your baby won’t stop crying and you have no idea why.  The baby was just fed.  The baby has a clean diaper.  The baby doesn’t have a fever… oh, for the love of God, why doesn’t this kid stop crying?

Of course, we all realize it could be any of a million reasons beyond the typical ones that make a baby cry for attention, especially to a specific need. And since a baby can’t express itself verbally to tell us what’s wrong, and after a barrage of lengthy non-stop crying, any parent would be ready to enter the funny farm for just a moment of peace, especially after they no longer have their wits about them.  Add to that the peer pressures of being out in public with the world’s eyes on you, it can sometimes leave a parent in such a state that onlookers simply have no choice but to notice.

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She felt felt ready to abandon her cart and leave the store…

There is a reason that mothers like to joke that going to the grocery store alone is equivalent to a vacation. Now, I would take an actual vacation over solo grocery shopping any day, but I can relate to the sentiment.

Walking into a store without lugging in a diaper bag and the responsibility of caring for a needy baby or emotional toddler can feel like a breeze. Stores can be overstimulating with many opportunities for parents to need to say “no” to a toddler who spots tempting snacks and treats at every corner.

Lauren Walker was having one of those difficult trips to the store with her son, Alistair Findlay. Walker was shopping with Alistair and her mother at a Scotland supermarket.

Sometimes, even having two adults ready to hold, rock, and soothe an upset baby is still not enough when they are restless. Though Alistair was fussy with his mom and grandma, a complete stranger was able to cheer him up.

Mubarak Ahmad, an employee at the store, noticed how Walker was trying to balance shopping while caring for her baby. He began cheerfully talking to Alistair.

The attention he was giving the restless baby helped Walker and her mother to focus on finishing their shopping trip. Ahmad eventually had to attend to other duties besides cheering up this cute little customer.

Alistair grew upset again, and Walker felt ready to abandon their cart and leave the store. I think every parent has debated whether leaving a store mid-trip would be worth it!

Alistair’s face brightened up when he saw Ahmad behind the checkout counter. Ahmad and Alistair picked up their friendly conversation, but then Ahmad came up with an even better plan to keep the baby happy. Watch the baby whisperer at work in the video below:

He offered to hold the baby as he scanned their items. Alistair loved “learning” about the job of cashiering in Ahmad’s arms.

Walker wrote, “He smiled and squealed the full way through it because he was having so much fun! This man made my shopping experience so much easier and the fact he took time with my son as well was great.”

I’m impressed with Ahmad’s skill in cashiering, while also holding and entertaining a baby! I am even more impressed that he put forth extra effort and kindness to make a mother and baby’s shopping trip not only bearable, but fun.

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