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Guy Learns The Hard Way – Never Leave Your Sex Toys Out [PHOTOS]

You have a great time with your girlfriend. She’s into kinky sex toys, and has a pretty surprising selection. You always try to be a great boyfriend, but then one day, without thinking, you really screwed up. It happens to all of us.

#1 His girlfriend, Amy, texted him about the slip-up.

Ben Lauder engaged in some decidedly adult activities with his girlfriend and incorporated a cock ring into their bedroom play. However, Ben completely forgot to stow the sex toy back in its hidden place, and left it out on the nightstand.

#2 Apparently, her younger cousin had seen the cock ring on the nightstand.

Dead man walking.  Poor bastard doesn’t even know it yet.

#3 and decided that the pink stretchy thing was a lovely new wristwatch.

Despite their cute and funky watch-like appearance, cannot actually tell time.

#4 What is cock ring?

In case you’re confused about what a cock ring actually looks like, I can assure you that this newfangled bracelet is indeed a sex toy, complete with a small vibrating nub.

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