Harley-Davidson Is Under Fire For Billboard’s So-Called ‘Offensive’ Language [PHOTO]

The new billboard outside the Bayside Harley Davidson in Portsmouth communicates that the company does not sell motorcycles, it sells a lifestyle. It reads: “Leave all the bulls*** in the wind behind you.”

Shawn Robinson, the GM, said, “You do put everything behind you when you get on a bike, you let all the daily bs, the boss, the wife, the kids. I mean it goes away, so it’s a true saying.”

He stated that he was surprised that the billboard, prominently visible from I-264 East, had upset some members of the community.

“The billboard company approved it, Harley Davidson approved it, we didn’t think it was an offensive term,” Robinson said.

Bill Moody, Portsmouth City Councilman, confirmed that the billboard – located on Bayside’s property – was protected by the first amendment.

Robinson said, “We certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody when we put it up, that certainly wasn’t our intent, but it was. Hopefully, just like all advertising, you know, we get a little play out of it somehow.”

He added that the billboard was the least of the residents’ problems, considering that there were other things currently happening in the city.

He said: “The city of Portsmouth is economically challenged, and I don’t think we should be worried about the word BS on a street sign. We’ve got a casino to approve downtown.”

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