• October 27, 2021

Harry Reid’s Corruption Trial Begins June 27th in Federal Court


Officially it’s Johnson versus ICE, but make no mistake about it, the entire trial boils down to corruption perpetrated by Harry Reid, who will now be forced to give a deposition under oath.  Taylor Johnson not only had a spotless record as an ICE investigator, she had a sterling one, even winning an award for her service.  Every one of her reviews were excellant………..until she started probing EB-5 visas given to investors of a casino group represented by Rory Reid, Harry’s son.  After that, her life became a nightmare.

Harry Reid wrote a letter to her bosses complaining about her.  She had expressed concerns that some of the investors had originally been turned down for the visas on National Security grounds.  And Reid’s son was not the only high profile person involved with questionable visas.  Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of Virginia and Anthony Rodham, brother of Hillary Clinton were also getting highly questionable investments for a car company that built a total of one car, used for exhibition.

Right after they received Reid’s letter, Johnson was stripped of her gun and badge. She was put in an office with no work to do in hopes that she would quit.  Finally, they offered her $100,000 to go away and keep quiet.  She turned them down cold.  Eventually they fired her over a large numbers of calls to someone near the Mexican border.  They claimed she was hiding information she was receiving from an informant without checking who owned the phone she was calling.  It was her mother.  They were never able to come up with another reason for firing her.

This is where Reid is in deep doo doo.  He must now explain why he wrote the letter disparaging her besides the fact that it was hurting his son financially.  Not only that, but he will have to explain his relationship with Alejandro Mayorkas, who approved the questionable visas after they were denied, some multiple times.  Mayorkas worked for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), so he should be very aware of the dangers of allowing security risks (Mostly from China) into the United States.  He was amply rewarded for his loyalty to corrupt democrats.  Obama nominated him for the number two position at the DHS, right behind Jeh Johnson.

When it became apparent that the republicans would filibuster his nomination and that he did not have the votes for cloture, Reid used the nuclear option and suspended the filibuster rule in order to get Mayorkas’ nomination confirmed.

Johnson has been given a date, June 27th for her lawsuit against ICE and Reid will certainly be a witness called to testify.  Reid is already being investigated in Utah for bribery.

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