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Harvard Announces Program to Promote Sharia Law



Harvard University has announced a new initiative that will promote and educate people about Sharia Law.  They are currently taking applications for people who will spearhead the project.  Those who are chosen will be given work space, library privileges and a monthly stipend of $5,000.  It will be their job to study Sharia cases and to write on them, explaining why Sharia law got it right.  This could get interesting, especially if Sharia Law should be given sway on campus.

Before: Feminists complain about the rape culture on campus and insist the accused be kicked off campus even when the evidence points to a scam by the accuser.

After: Women who are raped are ostracized and the Sharia Court rules as a punishment, the victim’s sister be raped for four hours.


Before: Women demand free contraceptives.  

After: Sharia Court orders genital mutilation for all female students.


Before: The faculty has a get together where they taste the newest wine offerings from around the world.

After: The Sharia Court orders everyone who participated have their hands cut off for handling alcohol.


From Breitbart:

The new Sharia Research Fellowship Program will provide opportunities for scholars to conduct research on “policy-related aspects of Islamic law,” and Harvard will provide them with a workspace and Harvard Law Library privileges, along with their stipend. The school is encouraging applications especially from “women, minorities, and citizens of all countries.”

Harvard’s Islamic Legal Studies Program is inviting visiting fellows to undertake research, writing, and scholarly engagement on Islamic law that furthers the Program’s mission.

Among particular areas of interest, the Program is promoting research in migration and refugee studies, environmental law and climate change, minority rights, animal welfare and human rights.

In his email to a “select group of users,” the director of the Islamic Legal Studies Program shares the “exciting news” of the launch, while inviting them to share the news widely.

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