• November 26, 2021

Has Florida Just Solved the Supply Chain Crisis?

The supply chain crisis in America is intensifying over the last several weeks as cargo ships holding products are stranded offshore.

Instead of the Biden administration springing to action to ensure that these ships are docked at ports so they can be unloaded with precious goods, sleepy Joe is nowhere to be found. The backlog of container ships is continuing to be a massive issue at California and New York ports, while Transportation Security Pete Buttigieg is enjoying a 2-month paternity leave.

Check this out:

When pressed about the issue, Press Secretary Psaki danced around the question:

However, just as things are looking dire, Florida governor, Ron DeSantis has sprung into action.

DeSantis has announced Florida ports are open to ease the crisis.

DeSantis stated Jaxport and Port Everglades can handle the ships backlogged at other ports.


And it appears some ships have already been re-routed to Florida.

Local 10 reported:

To help with supply chain jams, the Florida Ports Council is asking shipping companies to avoid the snarls in California, use the Panama Canal and come to the Sunshine State.

President Joe Biden said Wednesday the Port of Los Angeles will move to 24/7 service as the Port of Long Beach already has and FedEx and UPS will increase overnight operations.

US Coast Guard Cmdr. Stephen Bor said cargo ships are back up along the shore and it looks like “a cell phone waiting lot” in the Pacific Ocean.

“There are more ships than there are parking spots,” Bor said.

Mike Rubin, the Florida Ports Council’s president and chief executive officer, said the 7-day Panama Canal voyage to Florida will help shipping companies avoid moorage fees to anchor ships. Jonathan Daniels, the chief executive and director of Port Everglades, likes the idea.

The Post Millennial provided details on the number of containers heading to Florida ports:

DeSantis made the announcement when he stopped at JaxPort on Tuesday morning. JaxPort is stepping up to offer incentives to businesses that want to move cargo through the port. A European-based container shipping company is rerouting to JaxPort, set to bring in 1,000 more containers a week, DeSantis said.

The one container ship supplier deciding to utilize Jaxport in Jacksonville, Florida, for its US unloading destination highlights the incentive package that could potentially invite more seafaring customers to The Sunshine State.

DeSantis mentioned that Port Everglades is receiving nearly 7,000 containers from a ship over this past weekend, and another ship from India is slated to arrive soon to the Florida port with more than 9,000 containers.

“We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate the logjams and help ameliorate the problems with the supply chain,” DeSantis said. “Part of it is because we’ve long been committed to reliable, modern and accessible port facilities…”

DeSantis noted that Florida’s ports already operate 24 hours a day.

While Biden is nowhere to be found, DeSantis is showing the world how you fix things.

Move over, Joe it is time to let the adults take over.


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