He BULLIES BODYBUILDERS Online, They Find Out Why and Make a Vow [VIDEO]

At 28 years old, Jesse Shand was living as a recluse in his mother’s house, never going out and sitting in front of a computer all day. He was morbidly obese, eventually reaching a whopping 700 pounds, he was a ticking health timebomb — and the only thing that seemed to help his low self-esteem was bullying bodybuilders online.


Miserable and ashamed of his own weight and life, Jesse became an internet troll, constantly looking for the next person he could hurt in order to make himself feel better. Eventually Jesse came across a bodybuilder group that he constantly tried to troll, becoming frustrated with his attempts, they finally demanded he show what makes him so much better than them and take a picture of himself.

Jesse did so, but instead of bullying him about his looks like he did to them, the bodybuilders vowed to help the man.

Wait until you see what he looks like by the end of the video below. He’s a completely different person, both inside and out.



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