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He Used The Boiling Water Trick To Avoid Having To Take His Car To The Shop [VIDEO]

I love do-it-yourself projects that save you money and when you can save a ton of money fixing your car I’m all ears.



There is no feeling quite so terrible in life as the moment when you put that first ding or scratch in your brand new car. Unless it is your dad’s new car, in which case, running away from home used to be the only solution.

Well we just found an awesome new trick even a complete novice can use to easily fix small dents in your auto body, and it is surprisingly affordable, as well. You are never going to need an auto body shop again after you watch this video.

We have all been there: you are trying to parallel park against a curb and cut it too close, only to wind up dinging your front quarter panel. Or perhaps you misgauged how close the parking block was and dented your bumper.

It used to be that such an occurrence led to one of three equally unsatisfactory solutions. Claiming it on your insurance and getting a body shop to fix it, but suffering from increased premiums, paying a body shop out of pocket and eating the cost, or living with a dent or ding in your car.

Never again, we say! The next time you have a small dent to pull, simply heat a large pot of water to a rolling boil and fix it yourself.

Step one is to heat that large pot of water. Step two is to pour the scalding water over the entire area to be punched out. And step three is to simply reach behind the panel and push with your hand. The dent should pop right back into place, no fuss,no muss, and not trip to the auto body shop.

How great is that?

People have been taking to the comment sections of blogs featuring this video to say things like:

“I have seen something similar done to the metal parts if a car with a hairdryer (heat) and then spraying it with an air duster spray (that you clean computers with) which is very, very cold.”- Dragonfizz

“Personally I prefer to use a hot air gun, which is far safer and more controllable. It also reaches the parts that hot water can’t, like underneath, or where the water could cause damage. Of course, pulling out the dent is only the first part of the job, which involves repainting the damage,.”- Aberrant Apostrophe

“its a plastic bumper heat will make it soft to mould, but the paint work would be gone as it would had cracked it and will flake in the future.”- klok9

“Pour boiling water onto the (metal) paintwork and it’s likely to cause the pain to fade and go cloudy.”- Martinez

“Bumpers are there for a very good reason and when they’re damaged they must be replaced with a new one, this is because the damaged area will never provide the same protection again even if it’s is so-called ‘repaired’. if the bumper isn’t replaced you’re putting your safety at risk in the event of another collision.” Masculinist

Have you ever had to attempt a DIY auto body repair? How did it turn out? Share your stories and ideas with us here.

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