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Here Are The 18 RINOS Who Sold Out On Biden’s Infrastructure Bill


I wish I could say that I am totally surprised by this betrayal by the RINOs again, but that would be a total lie.

This is what these turncoats do and will continually do until people wise up and throw their butts out of office.

However, that won’t happen until people are fed up with all the crap these traitors keep doing and maybe this latest backstab will be it.

As it turns out, 18 RINO’s reportedly sold out and voted with Democrats to advance Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Yep, and are you honestly surprised by this?

These people say when it is election season that they are all about the people and they are here to fight the good fight and people believe them.

Then as soon as they are re-elected they go back to their RINO ways, screwing over the American people.

What I am concerned about is the rampant spending, the effect on the economy, and of course the health of the ailing dollar—all consequences of Biden’s generous spending habits.

Building roads, bridges, facilities, shipping canals, and developing transportation hubs, but who are we kidding here? This bill is far from a simple ‘infrastructure’ bill.

Provisions for everything from crypto taxes to increased welfare spending have all been inserted deep within this enormous bill, and we have to ask: who is this really helping?

Here are the RINO’s who voted for the bill:

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