• June 19, 2024

Here Are The 5 Stories The Media Did Not Report On While Focusing On Lamar Odom & The Kardashians

Once again the corporate mainstream media has latched onto a story that for all intents and purposes doesn’t serve to inform, educate, or assist people in growing their base of knowledge about the world in general. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.

The feeding-frenzy-like media atmosphere surrounding the hospitalization of Lamar Odom, and the Kardashian circus that followed, is just the latest example of the hyper-focus American media bestows upon athletes and celebrities – to the detriment of actual news stories.

The intense coverage of Odom’s hospitalization has virtually taken over the airwaves, drowning out stories that are much more deserving of national news coverage. Below are five of the most important stories that the corporate media missed during their frenzied coverage of Odom and the Kardashians:

1. U.K. Govt Conveniently Deleted Entire Database of Evidence Documenting Pedophile Rings

The investigation into rampant pedophilia of British societal elites, and high-ranking government officials has barely cracked the headlines in the U.S., but the sexual abuse of children was so widespread that it is alleged to have reached all the way up to the British Prime Minister’s office. The Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) apologized this week after vital testimony from victims of child sexual abuse was “instantly and permanently deleted” from their servers. The agency said that the loss of data was due to a technical malfunction, which dumped an untold number of testimonies that were submitted to their official website. The agency now claims that there was no security breach, and that while the testimonies were lost, the privacy of the victims is not at risk.

2. Newly Released Emails Expose George Bush and Tony Blair Plotting Iraq War a YEAR Before the Invasion

In a stunning blow to the official narrative propagated by the Bush administration in the run-up to the Iraq war, recently released, declassified emails have exposed the numerous lies government officials espoused in the months leading up to the war in Iraq. The emails, received by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, were subsequently stored on her private email server. The documents on Clinton’s server have been released due to rulings from U.S. courts.

3. Russia Destroys most ISIS Heavy Weaponry, U.S. Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons into Syria

Reports this week indicated that Islamic State militants were decimated by recent Russian airstrikes and have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in the precision strikes, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Moving quickly to operationalize a new strategy in which the U.S. would require only leaders of the rebel groups to be vetted, the U.S. airdropped 50 tons of weapons and ammunition to the newly branded “Syrian Arab Coalition” forces, a U.S. rebel coalition group re-branded, but known for its unreliability and willingness to hand weapons over to al-Qaeda and ISIS.

4. DOJ Creates “Domestic Terrorism Council” to Target “Anti-Government Views”

“Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies” will be the focus of a new Department of Justice position, John Carlin said at George Washington University. The new “Domestic Terrorism Counsel” will work with US attorneys nationwide “to identify trends that can be used to help shape a national strategy.” This latest move from Department of Justice essentially enshrines homegrown paranoia about imagined enemies into the American psyche. Additionally, it serves to further expansion of the security state into the lives of American citizens on American soil – especially ones that choose to voice their displeasure with the government.

5. Leaked ‘Drone Papers’ Reveal 90% of People Killed in U.S. Drone Strikes are Innocent Civilians

An anonymous whistleblower within the U.S. intelligence community provided a cache of classified intelligence documents to The Intercept, which revealed the extremely dysfunctional nature of the American drone warfare/targeted assassination program. The stunning array of classified information, including documents, analysis, slides, and visuals, revealed an extreme lack of precision in the U.S. drone assassination campaign, with one document reporting that “nearly 90 percent of people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets” over one five month period.

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