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Here Is The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Deal For As Little as $11

Thanksgiving and Christmas at Grandma’s were things I always looked forward to. Not only was it a great time to catch up and bond with family, but it was also an opportunity to eat the most delicious meals of the year.


My Grandma had the habit of always serving the best and the most delicious foods during Thanksgiving dinner. I never knew the exact details of how she made those tasty and delicious meals, but my thought was that she was a great cook who spent time in the kitchen to prepare perfect meals for the glamorous family gathering.

The Secret Revealed

I held on to those memories of eating grandma’s treats at Thanksgiving even after she passed on. I felt that I would never get to taste such great meals again in this lifetime. During one of our vacations, I told my sister how I missed grandma and missed her cooking greatly, especially the delicious potatoes. It was at this very moment that I got to know the source of the delicious Thanksgiving meals we had at grandma’s place. I found it hard to take it in but I was not sad about it considering how stressful it would have been for grandma to make home cooked meals for the whole of the family. It would have worn her out, I concluded. My sister explained that Cracker Barrel was the secret of those yummy and scrumptious meal.

Due to your schedule, you may not be able to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey by yourself. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has got you covered. They have yummy meals at very affordable rates. With a price of $11 per person, you can get a proper Thanksgiving to treat for 10 people.

Tasty Thanksgiving Meals at the Best Prices

The $110 meal for ten folks is the best deal out there. For that price, you get two pieces of turkey breasts, turkey gravy, cranberry relish, cornbread dressing, sweet rolls and any three sides your group desires. For a smaller group of 6 persons, a mini package is available for as low as $68.

Cracker Barrel will start taking orders from the 17th of November.

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