• April 15, 2024

Here’s What A Hospital Did To One Of Our Wounded Warriors That Has Me Sick To My Stomach…

Veteran Steve Fehrenbacher served in the Navy for six years, suffering a serious auto-immune condition that has made every single day of his civilian life a struggle. Fehrenbacher receives treatment at the local Mather VA Hospital, or at least he did until a frightening incident this summer.

This clip was somehow kept a secret for months but now has been brought into the light. It shows Fehrenbacher on the floor of the hospital, writhing in pain as his wife desperately tries to get some help – but to no avail. In the end, it was hospital policy that was to blame.

Fehrenbacher has been suffering from the immune system condition ever since his involvement in the Navy, treating the symptoms with a myriad of different medications. Those medications don’t always work perfectly so sometimes emergency care is still necessary.

This clip was taken from one of those occasions, during which Fehrenbacher was back at the hospital due to some extreme pain. But upon entering the hospital, the couple were shocked when nobody came to help them.

“The pain that he was experienced, I haven’t seen that bad with him,” said his wife Stacy. “I pushed for emergency, I expected someone to respond on an intercom… I was yelling to get someone to assist me… get my husband out of the car.”

After a minute and a half of trying to get help, Steve ended up forcing himself out of the car and walked himself in. He proceeded to collapse onto the ground.

Nurse’s eventually came to help, bringing along a wheelchair – but still they didn’t even try to help Steve into the chair. KCRA3 decided to head straight to the source and decided to interview the hospital’s director, David Stockwell.

“I was very disappointed,” he said. “We want to treat every patient with compassion at the VA. We know better than this. WE need to treat our patients better.”

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