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Here’s Why Gen X Is Our Only Hope To Stop The Cancel Culture

Over the past few weeks, hell the past few years, cancel culture is ruining the world. The “virtuous” millennials and Gen Z crowd has been busy running around canceling anything that they deem to be harmful to the world. The mentality is that canceling things they do not agree with it will somehow right the wrongs of all the transgressions that they find harmful.

The reason for racism? It must be from Dr. Suess’s books we read as youths.

The reason for sexual assault in our country? Well, that must be Pepe LePew’s actions as a cartoon skunk attempting to woo a cat which of course, has perpetrated rape culture.

Oh, and the list goes on as we know.

These morally correct individuals are teaching the older generation the era in our ways, and it is only a matter of time before they come after Star Wars. However, there is one generation that could very well stop this group of participation trophy whiners, and can truly put them back in their place.

Gen X.

Many people forget about my generation and we are actually often referred to as the forgotten generation and we are often referred to as the “slacker generation” or the “forgotten middle child.” For most of our youth and young adulthood, baby boomers sucked up all the oxygen in the room, dominating our social arenas. We were always under the shadow of boomers.

We are the generation that grew up in a country that didn’t burn books, and we all agreed that witch hunts and blacklists were very bad. Let’s be honest folks, the ’80s were not that long ago so don’t act like you don’t remember this.

So, it is pretty clear that there is a HUGE problem here and something needs to be done about it which is why I nominate us to stand up to this insanity.

Ok, I know it is a bit nerve-wracking to say this since we are afraid of being canceled too. BUT come on guys! We were the ones who fought for our right to party and are filled with enough snarky comebacks and angst to put these kids in the corner to think about what they have done.

Let’s face it Gen X’ers, Harrison Ford isn’t going to run in and save us at the last minute from the wave of cancel culture, but we are the ones to do it. It is going to take us all fighting against the tide of tiny Maoists who are running social media with their claims of bigotry and racism, and it is going to hurt, but we can do it!

We are the calvary that can save the day. It will be our Hunt For Red October moment. If we do not want our kids and our grandkids to live in an East German world we are going to have to take off our rad sunglasses and do something soon.

As the writer in The New York Post wrote, “Here’s why it has to be us. The Gen X childhood was built around a simple premise: The US wasn’t a perfect country, but living here beat the pants off life behind the Iron Curtain. Whatever else is wrong with America, people don’t lose their jobs because of their political views. We don’t rat on our neighbors when they criticize the government. Nobody has to worry about a visit from the secret police when they say rude things about certain sacred cows.

Liberals and conservatives have always had plenty to fight about, and the 1980s were no different, but this was something both sides actually agreed on back then. Say your piece. Speak your mind. Agree to disagree.

What happened to that country? Where did it go? Skewer a sacred cow these days and you’re likely to have your home address and phone number spilled out on the internet for every troll and troublemaker to play with. Voice an unpopular opinion and you could be delisted, de-platformed, and maybe — one day soon — defenestrated.

We are living through an era of intelligence-insulting national debates. Does Mr. Potato Head erase the existence of trans teens? Do Dr. Seuss’s Sneetches perpetuate systemic racism? Is it OK to let the kids watch “Gone With the Wind”? What about “The Mandalorian”? Does saying there’s two sides to every story make me a racist?

You know the answers to these questions. We all do. It sure says a lot that we’d rather eat glass than have to answer them in public.”

The big issue with the millennials is that they didn’t have the Societ Union leering at them while growing up. We remember the fear of the big bad country and we often could compare ourselves to them and see how much better things were for us in color.

Now, these kids in the younger generation didn’t have that baseline of comparison and sadly, they aren’t even being taught about that in school.

Sadly, now that the bad guy has been demolished there is no bad guy to really look at which has opened up the vacuum of making us the bad guy, and now I am calling on us.

We are the hero this country has been waiting on and we can do it since we have the skill set to do it. We were raised without the internet and social media but can live with or without them. We know how to read a map that isn’t on a computer screen. We can tell time without it being digital. We can read and write cursive. Plus, we all do know that sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can not hurt you or define who we are.

We will have to stand against the school systems that are hell-bent on teaching revisionist history, and “anti-racist” lessons to our children. We will have to stand up on social media and not allow them to call us racists and bigots for disagreeing with policies.

This is our time to shine, and I know that we can do it since if we don’t as the Shawshank man said, you either get busy living or get busy dying.

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