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High Ranking Muslim Brotherhood Member Worked for Clinton Foundation




Gehad El-Haddad, a high ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation from Aug. 2007- Aug. 2012, during the same time as Hillary was the Secretary of State.  He is the son of Essam El-Haddad, a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau.  After El-Haddad became the spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he left the Clinton Foundation in 2013.  He was arrested later that year and is still in prison for crimes against Egypt.  He had become a top adviser to Morsi.

El-Haddad strongly defended Morsi’s use of torture against dissidents:

Morsi’s brutal regime was defended by El-Haddad on Twitter in 2012:

@hahellyer @elgindy_ MB could hv protected votes, played easy, let Corrupt Const Court dislove assembly, let criminal police officers walk.

@gelhaddad Opp should be accountable but not the pres? Police don’t set best example re vandalism by throwing chairs & rocks from a school

@priyanica Police needs its own cleansing project, which this declaration just enabled. Let’s hope its swift.

@tekaldas @Ikhwanweb Sm beatings were overly excessive if attacker had wounded/killed any supporters.

MoIA & Police force WILL be held accountable and WILL be cleansed for their traitorous role since Jan25th till now.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Propoganda was spread by El-Haddad in response to the tens of millions of people who protested the Morsi regime on June 30, 2013, in the “Tamarod” protests. He was vocal about his support of the brutal regime’s use of the army and police to clamp down on dissent.

El-Haddad took a page out of the Democrats’ playbook when he staged fake confrontations with the police at the anti-Muslim Brotherhood protests. A video emerged that outed his hoax.

After the fall of Morsi, El-Haddad was arrested in Sept. 2013 as violent confrontations broke out in the dismantling of the protest camps set up by the Muslim Brotherhood around Cairo and in Rabaa Square.

This is a man who was paid by the same Clinton Foundation that took in millions of dollars from countries with egregious human rights records.

This is indefensible — and fortunately for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, she won’t have to defend it. The mainstream media will simply cover it up.


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