• April 15, 2024

High School Backs Down After Telling Student To Take The U.S. Flag Down

A South Carolina high school will allow a student to keep an American flag mounted on his truck, after a school official sparked protests by telling him to remove it, citing school policy.

Peyton Robinson, 18, had driven to York Comprehensive High School Wednesday with the American flag and another flag mounted behind the cab of his pickup truck, according to local reports.

“[The school official] was like, ‘We’re having people say stuff about your flag and I just wanted to ask you to take it down,’” Robinson told ABC News’ affiliate WSOC.

Robinson posted on his Instagram account: “I’ve been told by 2 admistrators at my school this morning that I can’t have an American Flag on my truck because other people have complained about it. Well let me tell you something, I have every right to fly an American flag. It will not be coming off of my truck. This really pisses me off. I ask that everyone that sees this post that attends York Comprehinsive flys an American flag of some sort on whatever they may drive to school tomorrow to prove a point. I will not let this go down without a fight. #America #fightforourright”



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