• September 24, 2023

Hilarious Business Mottoes Found on Their Trucks [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

Everyone (Except SJWs Social Justice Warriors) love a good play on words on their company trucks and it helps break up the monotony of driving.  The slideshow and the video will give you a sample of what’s out there on the road.  I’ll bet after seeing these pictures, you will pay more attention to the trucks you see in the city and on the highway.  You could even make a game out of it on long drives.  The one who finds the most humorous mottoes win.

 Most drivers dread nothing more than getting stuck behind one.

But if these service trucks are anything to go by, motorists who avoid them are missing out on a good laugh.

From devilishly rude ads for plowing and plumbing to slogans that were simply ill-advised, these bumper signs and stickers are sure to tickle all those who catch a glimpse of them on the open road.

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