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Hilarious Notes Left for World’s Worst Walmart Employee

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I don’t know if Shane is a real employee or an inside joke for the employees of Walmart, but I’m willing to bet you find the notes allegedly from the bulletin board in the employee lunch room as funny as I did.  I wonder how many people will be inspired to post identical notes on the merchandise or to create their own goofs on Walmart.  It doesn’t matter if Shane exists or not.  You will love the posts anyway.

Reprimanded: A series of comic 12 messages, pictured, purporting to be from Walmart 'management' shared online by person claiming to be co-worker

Incapable: The notes, written on a white board, cover chicken 'warranties', customer etiquette, price tags and free samples

Funny: They have sparked amusement online after person claiming to be his co-worker shared images of them

Popular: They have been viewed more than 180,000 times on Imgur

Talking point: The messages have attracted hundreds of comments on Reddit

Attention: They were posted on Imgur by user NotASilver under the title 'Shane causes quite the stir'

Public: The messages, purporting to be from 'management' are written on a white board

Style: The messages are written with felt-pens in child-like writing

Ordinary: The notes were interspersed with normal looking staff messages

Joker: In one message, pictured, demands: 'Shane, stop implying Walmart keeps the "Good Stuff" in the back'.

Trouble: Other misdemeanors include 'making puppets out of the paper bags', pictured, and trying to sell ham for improper uses

Authenticity: The notes have divided viewers with some claiming they are funny and others that they are not real

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