• September 30, 2022

Hillary Clinton Blames Bill, Bernie, And Whites For Her Advocating 1994 Crime Bill

Hillary Clinton Denies Blame For 1994 Crime Bill

Hillary Clinton is as crooked as a politician can get. She has denied everything she has had her hands in from Benghazi to emails on her personal server that contained classified material. She is most known for being the former First Lady to former President Bill Clinton, amd now Secretary of State. Hitlery, excuse me, Hillary, is now running for President of the United States of America- an office she should never have access to.

When asked about her advocating the 1994 Crime Bill, she blamed her husband Bill Clinton for signing the bill into law. She also blamed Bernie Sanders for voting for It, and also blamed White people for the outcome of the bill. She did all of this while never directly apologizing for supporting the bill herself. In the video you’ll notice how she never apologizes, but instead begins to point the finger at others for It.

This is a common trait of a Narcissist, and a psychotic entity named Hillary Rodham Clinton. Don’t vote for her.

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