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Hillary Clinton Has No More Dirty Money – Forced Back to Peasant Status

Well, Well, Well look who it is! It’s Hillary Clinton found flying commercial like everyone else does! Looks like there’s no more private Jets funded by her dirty money she acquired by selling out her own country and using her position of Secretary Of State to get into position to steal money from poor people – like Haitians for example.

She’s also seen reading a newspaper with the headline “Pence Used Personal email in office”, and the irony is almost too much to bear. Hillary Clinton made a career of being a less than average politician who’s flip flopped on both sides of the playing fields more times than we can count. The world knows her as the woman who used her position of power to bid on and win factory grants to funnel money from the Haitian people after their country was devastated. She pats herself on the back for that, saying she provided clothes to those people in need. What she fails to mention is that she forced these people to work in these factories to make these clothes, and paid them dirt to do so. Hillary is also the women that used her personal email to pus her own agenda, and then when she got caught she turned around and “accidentally” wiped her entire hard drive of her computer. We all know what happened in Benghazi, and what she’s responsible for there. We know she has ties to the Russians and the exclusive Uranium industry, too. Yet she somehow was still able to run for president of the United States, and even got votes from American people! Granted, it was proven many of those votes were from the dead, the illegals and people cheating the system to vote multiple times.

It’s refreshing to see Clinton back where she belongs – with everyone else. She made a campaign out of being a woman for the people, but never actually opened her ears to what the people wanted. Instead she made a clear separation from her and everyone else. She never listened to the people’s concerns, and she made her self unlikeable with her constant rhetoric. That’s why she lost the election.

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Hillary Clinton Descends from Private Jets to Commercial Flights in Just Two Months

A photo of a public sighting of Hillary Clinton is going viral. The former Secretary of State and losing Democrat candidate for president of the United States was spotted in the cabin of a commercial aircraft unlike the expensive private jets of the campaign trail.

The photo of Hillary flying from Boston’s Logan Airport to New York’s LaGuardia was taken on Friday, March 3, by Caitlin Quigley, a manager for the New York-based LGBTQ heath care center Callen-Lorde, Huffington Post reported.

Hillary’s liberal fans jumped on the tweeted photo, with many remarking on the fact that she was seen reading Friday’s issue of USA Today, something they felt was “ironic” because its front page featured a story on Vice President Mike Pence’s use of a private email address when he was Governor of Indiana. Hillary fans were upset that she had been beset by accusations of breaking national security laws by using a private email server hidden in her New York home when she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

Of course, there is little “irony” or even many similarities in the two email stories. Pence’s use of private email was not illegal nor was he emailing secret State Department information.

On Friday, Pence told the media that there is “no comparison whatsoever between Hillary Clinton’s practice of having a private server” and “mishandling classified information, destroying emails when they were requested by the Congress and by officials.”

Even Time magazine noted that “the Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton Email Stories are not the same.”

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