• November 29, 2023

Hillary Clinton Is Back And She Wants In On The Next Election—God Help Us!

It has become clear to conservatives that nothing short of having her forcefully locked in an asylum will ever get Hillary Clinton to shut up and realize that her political career is dead. Clinton has resurfaced a few times since her epic loss in 2016 to President Trump and her thought process shows that she is getting more and more insane. One such resurfacing antic of hers was to make a commercial stating that she was now “officially part of the resistance” against our current Administration.

When that clearly failed to do anything but prove what we already knew, which is the fact that she is helping fund the terror groups such as Antifa, she went slinking back into her hole for a bit. Well, now she is back and claiming that in some way she intends to be a part of the 2018 Mid-term Elections. Hmmm…. sounds to me like she is still pushing her ulterior motive to help those on the left push the Deep State members into positions of power.

According to Red State Watcher:

Although unclear what role she wants to take on, Hillary Clinton has expressed a desire to partake in next year’s midterm elections.

From The Hill: Hillary Clinton wants to play a role in next year’s midterm elections. It’s just not clear yet what that role will be.

Clinton has already launched a PAC aimed at helping congressional Democratic candidates in 2018, signaling the former first lady, senator, and Secretary of State is ready to help her party with fundraising.  She also is looking at the House districts she won in last year’s presidential contest against Donald Trump as part of an autopsy of her failed campaign, according to two sources who have spoken to the former Secretary of State.

It’s at least possible she’ll lend a hand on the campaign trail — particularly in the 23 districts held by Republicans where voters preferred her over Donald Trump for the White House.  “She’s very well aware of how she performed in those districts,” said one longtime Clinton confidant who has spoken to the former Democratic nominee.

I know what roll she needs to play and it has nothing to do with sticking her nose back into politics. Her corruption is literally STILL being investigated, and in my opinion, the open investigations, as well as the proven fact that her Foundation is monetarily fraudulent, should make it legally impossible for her to ever lay her hand or her money on any election this country holds. EVER!

How many times can one person be proven guilty of so many corrupt and horrible things before they are arrested and put away for life, or at the very least banned from all things that have to do with politics? It almost seems that the only way that Hillary Clinton will be caught and thrown in jail is if she is actually caught in the act. I wonder if that has already happened, and no one has done anything, don’t you?

Give it up Swamp Queen, it s time for you to stay hidden.

H/T [ Red State Watcher ]

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