Hillary Screwed!! Bill…I Didn’t Do it


As if it weren’t bad enough that Hillary Clinton had “Top Secret” emails on her server, but now the Investigator general has informed two congressional committees that he has found several dozen emails that included “Top Secret” emails as well as “SAP” emails or “special access programs” on Hillary Clinton’s computer..  SAPs are even more classified than Top Secret.  These are provided on a limited basis, need to know only basis.  These emails usually contain details that many of our enemies would love to have because it names names and gives insight to intelligence gathering.

Fox News explains SAP emails:

SAP information is created when “the vulnerability of, or threat to, specific information is exceptional,” and when “the number of persons who ordinarily will have access will be reasonably small and commensurate with the objective of providing enhanced protection for the information involved.”

SAP information is classified at an even higher category than the “top secret” emails which McCullough found on Clinton’s server last summer. That discovery triggered a Justice Department investigation into Clinton’s peculiar email arrangement and prompted the FBI to seize her server in August.

Bradley Moss, a Washington-based national security attorney, told the Daily Caller that Hillary should have known:

“Assuming Secretary Clinton had actually been briefed on this particular Special Access Program, she almost certainly should have recognized the information (even unmarked) as such and taken action.”

“That aside, whomever originally sent these emails most certainly should not have been discussing classified information on any unclassified server, official or personal, and is in for a world of hurt.”

“There are a lot of details that need to be fleshed out still in terms of the IG’s findings but the one unmistakable point that has emerged from all of this is how abysmally incompetent State has been in handling security protocols.  Its failure to protect its own information at such a systematic level violates the most basic tenets of information security and is inexcusable.”

Remember, you don’t have to share confidential information intentionally to be guilty under the Espionage Act.  You only have to be careless.  Even if you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, you may never hold federal office again.  That includes the presidency.



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