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Hillary’s Brain Doctor is Dead….From a Suicide…Right


Hillary and Bill are the luckiest couple on the planet, whenever someone is in a position to destroy them, they commit suicide.   Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar, who was one of the doctors who removed a blood clot from Hillary’s brain has been found dead and naturally it was ruled a suicide.  What makes it even more mysterious is that Dr Sherlekar is a devout Hindu who believes suicide is an unforgivable sin.

There is a more probable scenario.  it was just discovered that Dr Sherlekar worked closely with the FBI for two years to help root out his coworkers who had taken kickbacks.  Was Hillary worried that he would rat her out?  His work with the FBI led to indictments against Chief Financial Officer Vic Wadhwa of American Spine Center.  It is said Wadhwa took $459,000 in kickbacks.

Here it gets murkier.  Suddenly, the FBI brought charges against Sherlekar for accepting bribes.  So why would he help the FBI if he were involved.  Secondly, being a first offense, Sherlekar would be facing little or no prison time even if he was guilty.  He would have to pay a fine at least equivalent to the money he received but for a specialist in his field, that would be no problem.

From The US Herald:

It seems pretty odd that a man who was renowned and loved by his patients and colleagues, who is a strict follower of his own religion, which sees suicide and death as direct violations of the code of ahimsa (non-violence) would take his own life for being charged with the things he helped the FBI catch other people for.

Things are looking very fishy and when you start to think about the many other “victims” that have had mysterious deaths and strange connections to the Clinton family, it starts to be a bit too hard to believe this suicide narrative that is being spun by the mainstream media. Could this man have known something about Hillary’s health condition that has recently been brought back into the spotlight, that maybe Hillary didn’t want the world to know? Or did he know of something far worse and the legal troubles were just the beginning of some corrupt plot to take him down, so he just expedited the process and took his own life?

Likely we will never know the truth but it certainly doesn’t make us trust Hillary anymore and goes along with the common theme that we’ve seen, the closer you are to the Clintons the more you better watch your back.

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