• May 29, 2023

HOA’s Public Response to Ordering Marine’s Wife to Take Down U.S. Flag

Yesterday I did a post about how an HOA told a deployed Marine’s wife, Heather Valenti, to remove the U.S. flag from her property.


This obviously caused a lot of anger and concern among Americans all over the country. The response to my post was pretty large, and this story was covered by several other large publications as well.

At the time that I wrote it, the HOA, “Curtis Management,” had no comments on the matter. However, since then they have come out with a public response. that I think most of us will feel good about. Check it out:

Curtis Management Statement on
Flag Display

As you may have read on Heatstreet or The Blaze, a staff member of ours sent a letter at the directive of the Board of Directors of one of the Homeowners Associations (HOAs) we manage.  This letter notified a homeowner that her flag violated HOA regulations.  In NO way was this letter meant to offend the wife of one of our fighting heroes overseas.

This issue has since been resolved and the property owner has simply relocated her American Flag from the common area planter to her personal potted plant just a couple of feet away.

The HOA Board of Directors sincerely apologizes to anyone that was offended concerning this incident, and Curtis Management President Pat Campbell has issued a directive to all employees regarding flag displays to ensure that this does not happen again.

We at Curtis Management Company are Pro-America and totally support all of our men and women fighting overseas for our freedom, and we support the displaying of the American Flag to all that wish to fly it!

I’m glad to see that Curtis Management has come to their senses and made the right move.

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