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Home Depot Makes Major Announcement

Home Depot just announced that they are about to hire 80,000 new employees this Spring season. Home Depot has even streamlines the application process to be able to be completed in about 15 minutes by making the application available on smartphones and tablets.


Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus publicly endorsed Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016, and since that time Home Depot has enjoyed an increase in sales and even seen a 14% increase in their stocks.

Home Depot plans to hire the majority of these workers as seasonal only, but they do plan to keep many of these employees on after the spring season is finished. The average pay for these positions is between $9.37 and $13.78 per hour.

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Home Depot Announced Plans To Hire More Than 80,000 This Spring

Home improvement giant Home Depot announced it will be hiring more than 80,000 new employees this year to meet staffing needs during the spring season.

The company seeks to hire new employees in positions ranging from cashiers to freight handlers to customer service representatives. The hiring push comes as the company heads into a traditionally busy time of the year, as people begin spring landscaping and other home projects.

In an effort to expedite hiring, the company has streamlined the application process by allowing prospective employees to apply via mobile phones and tablet devices. The company claims the application process takes an average of 15 minutes.

“We want everyone to have an easy and convenient experience with The Home Depot, whether they’re shopping with us or applying for a position,” said Tim Crow, the retailer’s executive vice president for human resources, in a statement on the hiring drive.

Many of the positions will be for seasonal associates, but the company says some of the new hires will be given long-term employment past the spring based on the needs of the store.

Over half of Home Depot’s seasonal hires are given permanent placement with hourly rates ranging from $9.37-$13.78 for a standard sales associate, based on wage data.

During the presidential campaign, Home Depot’s co-founder Bernard Marcus found himself targeted by critics after he endorsed a Donald Trump presidency.

Several groups called for a boycott of the retailer. Some of those calling for a boycott claimed the company sought to profit from the building of a border wall.

But the controversy has not affected Home Depot’s performance, and the company continues to project strong sales because of consumer confidence in the marketplace.

Since Marcus endorsed Trump in June, Home Depot’s stock has risen more than 14 percent.

Home Depot isn’t the only company to experience a hiring drive. Some of its competitors are doing the same.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailing chain, seeks to bring around 10,000 new jobs to the market with Home Depot’s top competitor, Lowe’s, preparing to hire new associates for the spring rush, as well.

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