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How Bill Clinton Set Up “Accidental” Meeting With Loretta Lynch

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If everything had gone the way everything was planned, Bill Clinton would have been in the air at the time Loretta Lynch was landing.  But things didn’t go according to plan because Bill Clinton told his pilot to abort the take off.  Bill, then had a Secret Service agent arrange a meeting between the former perjurer in chief and the director of the Department of Injustice.  The meeting lasted thirty minutes and according to author Ed Klein, Lynch assured Clinton that Hillary would not be indicted no matter how much proof the FBI had.

Klein claims that he talked to a longtime Clinton adviser who told Klein that Bill called him and told him he planned to bushwhack Lynch and asked what he thought about it.  The adviser allegedly told Clinton that for him there was no downside but that Lynch would have to be an idiot to meet with him.  She is.

“He knew it would be a huge embarrassment to Loretta when people found out that she had talked to the husband of a woman – the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party – who was under criminal investigation by the FBI.”

“But he didn’t give a damn. He wanted to intimidate Loretta and discredit Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s emails, which was giving Hillary’s campaign agita.”

From The Mail Online:

Bill said he could tell that Loretta knew from the get-go that she’d made a huge mistake,’ the adviser said.

‘She was literally trembling, shaking with nervousness. Her husband tried to comfort her; he kept patting her hand and rubbing her back.’

Ultimately, Klein reports, Lynch told the former president that there was no chance of his wife being indicted or prosecuted for exposing state secrets to hackers and foreign adversaries.

She made the same pledge to President Barack Obama and his key adviser Valerie Jarrett, even though the Department of Justice is nominally independent of the White House.

And the easy-going Comey, whom many observers pegged for a principled good egg, turned into a pragmatist driven by, according to Klein, ‘huge ambition and an instinct for political survival.’


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