How CNN “Reporter” Made HERSELF Part Of The Story Is Absolutely Sickening!

One of the things that I always remember about watching the news back in the day is the notion that the reporters were always going to be impartial.

If there was a part where someone was going to begin interjecting their opinion, it was clearly labeled as such. One of the things that you did not see is people going into business for themselves.

Now, you have people that not only interject their opinions they make themselves part of the story.

While crowds of enthusiastic people gathered to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Super Bowl on Sunday in Florida, one CNN reporter bragged on the air that she called the police after she witnessed people enjoying themselves while not wearing masks.

CNN’s Randi Kaye, speaking with network host Fredricka Whitfield, was so offended by seeing people ignore fearmongers like her that she virtue signaled about her dual masks while bragging that she had snitched to police when she spotted people who’d opted out of covering their faces.

“Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of concern here, Fred, hence my double mask that I’m wearing. Here, we’re at the Poorhouse in Tampa, and if you take a look here behind me, you can see there’s a pretty healthy crowd here,” Kaye said during a live report.

“They — we are outside and they are doing their best to safely social distance,” she continued. “But there are a lot of people here. Some of them are just hanging out at tables. They’re not all from the same party obviously or the same family, which is what officials recommend, but they are outside.

“But let me show you this video from last night on Super Bowl eve from Ybor City, just take a look at this. This is a huge amount of people, hundreds of people in the street.

“And you can see most of them are not even wearing masks. We’re also told that they were on the dance floors in a lot of these clubs, and the dance floors right now during the pandemic are supposed to actually be closed.”

That’s when Kaye let CNN’s viewers know that she had inserted herself into the story by phoning the local police.

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