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How Long Will It Take You To Spot What’s Wrong in This Picture?

At first glance, you can see three hot girls in bikinis buying themselves some refreshments.  But a second look reveals three hot girls in bikinis.  Third look, ditto.  But when you see the entire picture you can clearly see three hot girls in bikinis.  In fact, I had to cheat and read the explanation before I knew what was wrong with the picture, mostly because I never made it to the ankle area.  One of the girls is wearing a monitoring device.  Obviously she was doing something she shouldn’t have been and that required the monitor.  She is not letting that ruin her summer fun….or mine.


Since the image was released online, it has been viewed 100,000 times in just two days. And of course, it has attracted hundreds of comments.

  • “It’s actually quite nice that despite having made mistake & getting punished that person is trying to enjoy the summer,” wrote Imgur user Kraken928.

  • “Thanks for pointing that out. I would say 90 per cent of us were not looking at her ankles,” added Spookyactionman.

  • And Elbart wrote: “That thing covers almost more skin than her bikini.”

  • “Swiggety swooty, they tracking that booty”

  • “Considering she’s in a store, this is most likely alcohol sensor for alcohol-related convictions. Measures alcohol content in your sweat.”

There are multiple reasons why someone is wearing a monitor:

These electronic devices are tethered on your ankle. They are designed to be tamper resistant and must be worn at all times by the person. The device emits a radio frequency that is picked up at the monitoring station. That lets the police know where the person is at all times.

Some ankle monitors are equipped with listening functions. That means someone at the monitoring station can listen in on conversations at will.

Other ankle monitors are used to notify authorities if the person consumes alcohol or illegal drugs. According to, “he Sentinel Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM, is a common alcohol monitor. These special features of advanced monitoring devices allow authorities to ensure that you comply with the terms of your house arrest while enabling you to enjoy the privacy and limited freedom in your own home.

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