• September 22, 2023

How Much Sugar is To Much Sugar? This Infographic Will show Your Favorite Snacks Sugar Content…

Just How Much Sugar Is In Your Favorite Snacks? (Infographic)

Curious to see just how much sugar is in many of the foods you eat? We’ve got an infographic for you. The graphic, produced by Leo Delauncey of the Daily Mail, shows how many cubes of sugar are in a handful of common foods.Check it out:

 As this worrying graphic reveals, millions of us are unwittingly eating everyday foods packed with sugar - and getting fatter in the process

You may have noticed that some of the fruits shown on the infographic have as much sugar in them as sugary treats. Does this mean that, from a nutritional standpoint, a mango is just as bad for you as a Starbucks hot chocolate? Not at all. Nutritionist Joy Dubost broke down the difference between the two in an article for the Huffington Post.

“For one thing, fruit offers good stuff like vitamins, antioxidants and water, while candy and desserts are nutritionally void. Fruit also tends to have less sugar by volume,” Dubost writes. “…Plus, whole fruit has a lot of fiber, which actually slows down your body’s digestion of glucose, so you don’t get the crazy insulin spike (and subsequent crash) that candy causes. That also means your body has more time to use up glucose as fuel before storing it — as fat.”

Sources: The Daily MailThe Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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