How should students and their parents be punished for attempted poisoning of teacher?

What happens when there are no law and order consequences for students who beat up, assault or attempt to poison their teacher? According to the Blaze, a North Carolina middle school teacher was hospitalized last week after a student poured cleaning solution into the soda drink on his desk. Should the student and his parents be held criminally liable?


Seventh-grade science teacher, Jeffery Jennings was victimized by the terrorist inspired actions of this student at teacher at East Lee Middle School in Sanford, North Carolina. He thought that something was seriously wrong when he suddenly became nauseated with a headache. He ended up going to an urgent care center and was hospitalized after concluding he had been drinking the tainted soda on his desk, according to his wife, Marie Jennings WRAL reported.

The horrendous act was not just an innocent prank perpetrated by students. The student’s actions appeared to be willful with specific intent to do grievous harm to the science teacher. His wife explained that a fellow teacher to her husband that that dry-erase board cleaner was placed in his soda by students while he wasn’t looking.

One has to wonder what type of household this student or students were raised in where respect for authority and life can be so easily dismissed. The harm to the teacher was hatched before Jennings got back to his room. Marie Jennings told WRAL, “They had actually taken it off the desk, opened the cap, poured the Expo cleaner, put the cap back on and put it back on his desk.”

While Marie Jennings is hoping that the students should be punished for their felonious actions, there truly should be no possibility but quick and severe punishment for the criminal actions of these students. She is worried and feels she has good reason to believe so. “Is someone else going to try and do this to him? Is he going to be the teacher that, ‘Oh, nothing happens when you mess with him, so pretty much do what you want?’ That worries me,” she stressed to WRAL.

Meanwhile, the school district is still investigating the poisonous attack on their teacher. School officials said that they take this act very seriously and could not reveal any potential consequences any student or students involved might face. That actually may be the root of the problem.
A criminal assault on a teacher should not be based upon circumstances. Certainty of punishment should not be based on political correctness or mediation. A teacher should feel safe in the classroom and any student and their parent or parents should be held responsible for harming that teacher.

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