• June 17, 2024

How to tell if your main squeeze is cheating on you-especially if you’re a woman

“A woman’s intuition is very rarely wrong”

I hate to break it to you, but if you think your partner’s cheating on you, they probably are – especially if you’re a woman.

It’s been proven that 85 per cent of women who think their partner is being unfaithful are right, whereas 50 per cent of men’s suspicions are correct – top private investigator Leon Hart told The Independent last year that “A woman’s intuition is very rarely wrong.”

The same goes for New York City based private investigator Miguel Rodriguez, founder of R.Q. Investigations, who says that every single woman who’s come to him suspecting their partner may be cheating has been right.

“When they call me, women already know, they just need proof,” Rodriguez told Bravo TV.

“They always want to believe their husbands, but they know and they need proof. Proof will get them what they need – evidence. A condom, or undergarments, the husband can always say it’s a friend. But pictures, or video doesn’t lie.”

So if you’re suspicious, how can you catch a cheating partner?

According to Rodriguez, you should look for these clues:

  • A sudden lack of interest in sex
  • Whispering on the phone
  • More nights out with friends
  • You’ve been blocked or they’ve changed the passwords for their computer or phone
  • A constantly clear internet history
  • More – and sudden – time away from home
  • Unexplained receipts
  • Coming home late
  • The smell of perfume

You then need to work out if a pattern has emerged – does your partner suddenly always have to work late on Wednesdays? And give a friend a lift every Friday night?

If a man has done the same thing for three or four consecutive weeks, Rodriguez and his team will follow him and take film or photo evidence of the unfaithful partner going into wherever it may be.

“He’s been recorded going where he said he wasn’t, and we always get the video date, time and year stamp,” explains Rodriguez.

“If he left the house in a blue sweater, brown loafers, and khakis and is entering his mistress’ apartment [in that same clothing], he’s not doing what he said he was doing.”


So whilst you don’t want to feel unnecessarily paranoid, at least you know what to look out for.

H/T the [Independent]

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