• June 13, 2024

Huffington Post: Republicans on Track to Gain Senate Majority

Republicans are on the verge of gaining eight seats in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday — perhaps more that that — according to the Huffington Post‘s polling data.

Right now Democrats hold a 55-seat majority, including support from two Independents, the Post said; therefore the GOP needs to take additional six seats in the Senate to gain a majority, given Vice President Joe Biden would break a 50-50 tie in favor of the Democrats, the Post added.

But the latest HuffPost Pollster forecast — which evaluates data from every publicly released poll on the 2014 Senate race — gives Republicans a 75 percent chance to take control of the Senate, as of Sunday afternoon.

More from the Huffington Post:

This year’s election map leaves Democrats largely on the defense. While Republicans currently hold 15 of the seats up for grabs this cycle — only three of which look competitive — Democrats are fighting to hold the other 21 seats, which include a significant number in traditionally Republican states that were won during the left-leaning 2008 cycle.

You can read the entire Huffington Post article here.

As you might expect, other polls indicate a different feeling among voters. According to the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll before the election, 46 percent of likely voters prefer a Republican-controlled Congress while 45 percent desire Democrats to maintain control:

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