• October 6, 2022

Huma Abedin Tied To Saudi Arabian Man Who Sponsors Terrorism


There is plenty of evidence to tie Huma Abedin to .   Naseef  heads a group known as the Muslim World League, which is rumored to sponsor terrorism around the world.  After 911, the Saudis pressured George Bush to remove the Muslim World League from the terror watch list.  The same pressure was brought to bear during the Bill Clinton administration.  Abedin joined the Clinton Administration in 1996.  Her connection to Naseef goes back to the time she was 2 years old.

From Vanity Fair:

Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is Pakistani; her late father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was Indian. Both were intellectuals. When Abedin was two years old, the family moved to Jidda, Saudi Arabia, where, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Nasseef, then the president of King Abdulaziz University, her father founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a think tank, and became the first editor of its Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

Intelligence sources knew that Naseef was connected with financing terror but never informed the public due to pressure brought to bear by the Saudi government, of which Naseef was part of.

From Newsweek:

The Saudis have probably done more to penetrate Al Qaeda than any other foreign intelligence service, but Al Qaeda in turn has penetrated the Saudi regime. Two interrelated global charities directly financed by the Saudi government–the International Islamic Relief Organization and the Muslim World League –have been used by bin Laden to finance his operations. The organizations were left off the list of groups sanctioned by the United States last week, U.S. officials hinted to NEWSWEEK, in order to avoid embarrassing the Saudi government.

From Islam Daily:

In other cases, the Bush Administration made a conscious decision not to pursue major Saudi conduits for terrorist funding. The clearest example involves two ostensible charities that are long known to have funneled money to Al Qaeda–the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) and the Muslim World League (MWL). Both are financed directly by the Saudi government. MWL is an evangelical organization that was created to help spread Wahhabism, the Saudi brand of Islamic fundamentalism; IIRO is a humanitarian relief organization that operates primarily in Muslim countries.

Yet a 1996 CIA report alleged that IIRO helped to fund six militant training camps in Afghanistan, and noted that the former head of the group’s Philippines office–Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law–had been linked to plots to “target the pope and U.S. airlines.”

Interestingly the CIA and the Clinton administration left the Muslim World League out of the report from late 1996.  Is it coincidental that Huma Abedin became part of the administration just before the report came out?  Within two years, Abedin was fully embedded in the Clinton White House.  During that time the Muslim World League is believed to have been involved in terrorism against the United States.

U.S. intelligence officials also believe that MWL employees were involved in the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa. Although both IIRO and MWL were known to have funded Al Qaeda, U.S. government sources indicated to Newsweek in October 2001 that the Bush Administration left the two organizations off the list of designated terrorist groups in order to spare the Saudi government from embarrassment.

Inquiring minds want to know how deeply Abedin is involved.  And remember, her family is also closely tied to the terror organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

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