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HUNDREDS Arrested In Massive ICE Raid As Trump Prepares To Address America

One of Donald Trump’s major selling points during his campaign was the promise to crack down on illegal immigration that has been streaming into our country for years. Many of those who have entered illegally have criminal backgrounds ranging from armed robbery, rape, and even to murder. It is no shock that Mexico is home to very dangerous individuals with ties to many violent criminal organizations that operate freely south of the border.


Even though Trump’s policies are meant for the good of all Americans, there is no doubt that whiny Liberals will continue their diatribe saying Trump is a racist who’s end goal is white supremacy. In fact, Trump is only trying to protect lawful American citizens. Most Americans would agree that we need to have secure borders especially those citizens living on the southern border states. They know firsthand the dangers of illegal immigration as many have taken it into their own hands to protect their families. Luckily for citizens across the country, another major ICE raid took place rounding up hundreds of illegals. Another major win for the Trump administration and those who put their faith in him.

Breitbart reported that 248 illegal aliens were arrested this week in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in cities across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware. Many of these aliens had prior criminal convictions for things like sex and drug charges.

Of the 248 arrested this week, a whopping 120 had prior convictions or pending charges, while 50 of them have already been deported once before.

“Of those arrested, approximately 75 percent were criminal aliens convicted of crimes including, but not limited to, homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, indecent liberties with a minor, drug trafficking, battery, assault, DUI and weapons charges,” read a statement put out by the President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security.

ICE put out a news release saying that the arrests included:

  • The arrest of a 34-year-old male citizen of Guatemala with criminal convictions for sexual abuse of a minor. The man has been removed from the United States on two prior occasions. The man has been detained without bond and has been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution. He’s currently in ICE custody at York County Prison.
  • The arrest of a 52-year-old male citizen of Lithuania, with three criminal convictions for driving under the influence. Philadelphia Police Department arrested him on his fourth Feb. 23, 2017. The man was released from Philadelphia Police custody on Feb. 23, 2017, when a detainer lodged with Philadelphia authorities was not honored. The subject is being detained without bond pending immigration proceedings. He’s currently in ICE custody at York County Prison.
  • The arrest of a 65-year-old male citizen of Vietnam, with criminal convictions of three counts of manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana, four counts of conspiracy, two counts of theft of services, and one count of intentional possession of a controlled substance by person not regulated. The arrest resulted in the seizure of over 1100 marijuana plants that were located in a vehicle and a residence owned by the subject. On May 13, 2016, Berks County Court of Common Pleas convicted him of felony charges, which include: one count of manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana, one count of conspiracy, and one count of theft of services. He is being held without bond pending removal proceedings. He’s currently in ICE custody at the San Antonio Field Office.

Amid the constant complaining by Liberals that Trump is a bad man, he is merely following through on his promise to make our country a safer place for all citizens, even the whiny little Liberals whether the know it or not.

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“We have really done a great job. We’re actually taking people that are criminals, very, very hardened criminals in some cases, with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems, and we’re getting them out,” Trump said. “And that’s what I said I would do. I’m just doing what I said I would do.”

Of course the fact that almost HALF of these vermin being violent and dangerous criminals didn’t matter to the left, with ABC immediately griping about the raid and distorting the facts to fit their heavily-biased narrative.

“A stern warning to all 11 million undocumented living in the United States, most of them law-abiding and paying taxes and working, that they’re no longer safe to stay here,” Jim Avila said on ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

Thank goodness we have a President who actually follows through on campaign promises, unlike numerous Presidents who proceeded him who merely told the masses what they wanted to hear. It should be no surprise to anyone anymore that Trump is a man of his word and has clearly shown that he puts America first.

H/T Truth Monitor

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