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Hungary to Detain Refugees in These Unusual Items

No country has taken a tougher stance against swarms of refugees than Hungary.  Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that from this point forward, Hungary will set up containers on the border and the refugees cannot leave until their asylum hearing.  They will however be able to return from whence they came at any point.  Something tells me the asylum hearings will not be swift.

Orban stated:

“The migration flow has only slowed, but it is not over.  We have gained time to strengthen our lines of defense.”

“Those readying for the journey do not want to live according to our ways and culture, but according to their own – only with a European quality of life.”

Orban believes that immigration is the Trojan Horse of terrorism and he points at other European countries as proof.


From The Daily Caller:

The EU directive on the treatment of asylum-seekers states that detention can only be allowed under “clearly defined exceptional circumstances.” Hungary hopes the option to give up on asylum and return home is enough to convince EU lawyers that the legislation doesn’t include involuntary detention.

Amnesty International described the measures as a “flagrant violation of international law.”

“Rounding up all men, women and children seeking asylum and detaining them months on end in container camps is a new low in Hungary’s race to the bottom on asylum seekers and refugees,” Gauri van Gulik, Amnesty’s deputy director for Europe, said in a statement.


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