• April 13, 2024

[HYSTERICAL PHOTO] Seagull Walks Right Into Home And Refuses To Leave!

A bold seagull was fed up with sitting on a garden fence and pecking at windows, so decided to become a squatter.

Shel Williams has been visited by Eric the herring gull for several seasons, and he seemed content to sit outside.

But she was stunned to find the bird had shuffled his way into her kitchen, reports the Daily Post.

Emboldened by warmer weather and the promise of Piglet the cat’s food, Eric was quickly shooed out.

This carried on for a couple of weeks until this week, when Eric saw Shel had dropped her guard and crept in.

“I was on the computer in the living room and I heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet,” said Shel.

“I obviously wasn’t quick enough and instead of shooing him outside he came into the lounge and jumped up onto the sofa.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.26.44 PM


Eric played hard to get until Shel managed to coax him onto the kitchen windowsill which left the bird a bit confused.

Shel said: “He usually knocks the window from the outside. This time he was pecking from the inside.”

She eventually managed to cover the bird with a throwover and get him back into the wild.

Shel said: “He gave himself a good shake and off he went.

“The cat wasn’t amused though. Eric is as big as Piglet and when he came in the house the cat was scared and trying to hide himself away.”

Shel thinks seagulls can be a nuisance, but says she has no hard feelings towards Eric.

“Eric is welcome back, just not in the kitchen,” she said.

“It’s a bit of a pain but I have to leave the door open for the cat.

“But I don’t want them culled.

Found at Mirror 

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